About Beagle Miniature Puppy Which Slips Through the Buttonhole…

October 28, 2007

The beagle miniature puppy is akin to the breed known as Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle. In the middle Ages there was a special breed of dog known as the pocket beagle, which was only 8” to 9” tall. Literally it could slip inside pocket.

These pets went into the saddlebag as the master rode the horse while hunting. The pocket beagle was released to follow up the chase through the thick undergrowth where the going would be tough and impossible for large breeds. So there was a method in the madness of rearing pocket-sized beagles!

Comparison between a standard beagle dogs and the pocket beagle will make the picture sharper. The standard ones are 13” or 15” tall and weigh anything between 25lbs to 50 lbs. The pocket beagles are available in two sizes. The height of the teacup beagle ranges from 6” to 10” and the weight from 5lbs to 15 lbs.

The second type, the toy’s height ranges from 8” to 12” and the weight starts from 15 lbs and maximum goes up to 25 lbs. If these are the vital statistics of the adult beagle miniature, what will be the beagle miniature puppy measure? Find the answer in beagle puppy photos. In all probability these little darlings will slip through a buttonhole!

Queen Elizabeth I regaled her guests during dinner by letting her pet mini beagles play around on the table chasing each other through the crockery and cutlery. In those days the Queen did not look around for the signboard – beagle puppies for sale. The royal place carefully nurtured and bred them.

A special genetic strain has become extinct but Rebecca Van Meter in Indiana founded the modern line of Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle. The name is now a trademark. For those planning to buy a beagle miniature puppy it is a must to ask for a certificate with the proper registered trademark. Otherwise it will not be considered to be a blue-blooded dog belonging to the exclusive club.

Beagle miniature puppies are small with waterproof coats – the colours may be black, white, red, tan, blue mottle or tan. The coats being short it is not difficult to maintain them.

They are a bit stubborn and need a lot of coaxing before being allowed to be trained. If left alone they will howl to draw attention. Although they adapt to urban flats these dogs with acute sense of smell need some running around space to follow their nose. Overfeeding can lead to problems of excess weight.

The choosing of the beagle miniature puppy is not difficult with beagle puppy pictures yelping and wagging on the computer screen at a clicking command from the mouse.


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