Discount Dog Beds That Will Make You Want to Lie on…

October 27, 2007

Just click on the Internet and you will be flooded with discount dog beds galore. Today Man’s best friend is getting the best to eat and rest. And why not? A dog is a faithful creature and does not have the word ‘ungrateful’ in its dictionary. In modern houses and flats where space is at a premium it is not always possible to set up a doghouse but what one can do is to give the pooch a really comfortable bed.

To add art to utility it is best to go for a designer dog bed. One particular site boasts of 13 designer’s delight. There is the tufted, heavy, canvas variety that gives your pet the best support. The inner removable pillow is tufted.

Micro velvet colors blend in with your house décor. Bounces will not misshape it and the bonus point is that the slip on cover is removable and washable. It is best in the market with quality doggy discount tags. The dog being your dearest companion due attention must be given to the dog furniture and the first on the list is the bed.

But wait – let us not put the cart before the horse. The puppy comes before the dog and so the first priority is to go shopping for the puppy bed. It will be available all under one roof selling designer dog accessories.

Start off the shopping with puppy crib bedding – something, which will make the newcomer, feel at home in a strange house. The canvas cover is strong enough to sustain puppy attacks; the upholstery is made from virgin material. It is a great bargain with discounts often as high as 35% and also there are no shipping charges.

Discount dog beds may be fine for your pocket but what should be given priority – the discount bed or the dog factor? For the dog lover it is the bed factor of course! The first three things to be focused on are the size of the dog and the place where it likes to rest and how it rests.

For doggies that love to curl, the best choice is Cuddler dog beds that can be tucked in a corner or even accommodated on the owner’s couch or bed. But for the mutt who likes to stretch out with four paws extended in the air, a larger size will be the best choice.

There are other types of beds for older dogs with joint pains. Variety is the name for dog beds in the market – orthopedic beds, insulated beds, outdoors beds; dog snuggle support and thirteen types of designer dog beds. Look up the net on discount dog beds and you will want to bounce off your own into one of these!


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