Bark Collar Dog Training is Useful and Truly Effective to Curb the Barking Tendency

November 3, 2007

Bark collar dog training sometimes becomes a necessity when the owner loves the dog but others do not. The rancour can become pretty ugly if a neighbour comes knocking with an allegation against man’s best friend – the pet dog.

Things might go to such an extent that the police might be brought in. Tenants may start vacating and even welcome friends and relations side step the door. So if the neighbour disturbs the sleep of a dog owner it is high time to think of using barking dog collars.

The market is currently flooded with various kinds of bark dog collars – the collar for big dogs and also small dog bark collar. The problem is not really about dogs barking because it is natural but it is all about excessive barking. So the solution is reducing the level.

Dogs bark when they need something – so first check if they have all that they require by way of food, water, exercise and love. Dogs bark when teased or frustrated. Remove the source of their irritation first.

Despite all reasonable measures sometimes bark collar dog training seems to be the only recourse. The gentlest way is the citronella-barking collar that sprays this scent in front of the nose of the pet. The hissing noise and smell immediately puts a halt on the dog’s vocal enthusiasm. University studies show that these are doubly more effective than electric shock giving dog collars barking remedies.

The electronic collars take the help of static electricity as a tool of correction. Static electricity draws attention and yet is harmless. The vibrations of the bark send messages to the collar to trigger off electricity. After few sessions the dog associates an uncomfortable feeling with its barking and decides to control the urge. The levels of intensity can be adjusted as the training progresses.

Sound is the corrective training tool used in ultrasonic bark collars. The hearing of the dog reaches a certain level, which the human ear cannot. The collar picks up the bark and releases a high-pitched sound unbearable to the animal.

The idea of anti-barking dog collars came first to outdoor enthusiasts operating with hunting dogs. The purpose was to rein in the dogs when they strayed or got distracted. Soon the concept was picked up by pet lovers in cities and town where barking led to other problems.

There are many brands of collars with variations in battery type and ready refills of citronella. Most are waterproof and handy. Bark collar dog training is one of the best ways of discipline and for this there are many types in the market to suit the owner’s pocket and pet type.


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  1. no bark collars on December 10th, 2007 8:22 am

    I very much agree with what your article says. True enough, the use of no bark collars that are effective, humane and safe for controlling unwanted barking can be beneficial to your pet dogs.

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