Causes And Tips To Dog Dental Care Which Includes Visits To The Vet …

December 2, 2007

Never ignore dog dental care if you are the master of a pet. Pet dental care starts off at the home. Excess of tartar tends to build up affecting the gums.

Plaque is formed due to deposition of food and bacteria. Regular canine dental care and brushing at home can clear up this unhealthy mess.

If the plaque is neglected, minerals present in the saliva combines with the plaque and forms tartar – also known as calculus. It gets strongly fixed to the teeth. Within 3 to 5 days of the formation of the plaque it begins to mineralize. The gums become inflamed and gingivitis sets in resulting in bad breath.

Removal of the tartar is essential in dog dental care. If this is not done then it builds up below the gums causing loose teeth. A pocket is formed encouraging further growth of bacteria. This condition is irreversible and is known as periodontal disease. It causes pain and formation of abscesses.

Pet dental health is the first step to its general health. It is not far to see how starting from the mouth the tentacles of ill health reach out to touch all other parts of the pet. There is bone loss and bacterium enters the blood stream. This in turn affects the heart, liver as well as kidneys. However even at this advanced stage with proper care from the vet periodontal disease can be slowed down and checked.

Proper dental care will involve regular visits to the vet. The vet will professionally clean the mouth and note any swelling, plaque or tartar deposits. The professional eye will not miss out on any swellings and thoroughly examine the tongue, palates, mucus, tonsils and tongue region. The saliva glands and lymph nodes will be palpated to check on the size and consistency.

At home the plaque can be removed but not the tartar. This will require regular brushing. The removal of the tartar is done by prophylaxis.

The pet will have to be anesthetized and radiographs taken. The mouth will be flushed with a canine dental product to kill the bacteria. The scalers are held by the hand. There are also ultrasonic scalers. All the deposition below and above the gum line is removed.
Another solution will show up any sections that have escaped notice. The teeth are polished to remove scratches. There is a dental product the use of which will retard build up of plaque.

Prevention being better than cure, there are special toys for chewing, which will prevent dental problems. The diet is another factor. Dog dental care begins at home with regular brushing and the owner probing the inside of the mouth for yellow deposits and swelling signs.


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