The dogs bred by English bulldog breeders are also known as British bulldogs

February 9, 2009

English bulldog breeders are well known for nurturing and breeding dogs that in common parlance are known as British bulldogs. The dogs trace their ancestry to England, come in many colours and their coats are smooth as well as short.

The colors mark the price and in order of preference they are brindle (a special shade of red), red (akin to the chestnut horse), white as well as fawn. Sometimes there are markings of any other colour otherwise known as piebald. A pale nose coloured like liver is taken to be a disqualification.

Black bulldogs are not much preferred because some judges say that these lack in under bite. In America 50 pounds weight is the ideal for an English bulldog and 40 pounds for the adult female. In the UK English bulldog breeders try to keep the ideal weight between 55 pounds for males and 50 pounds for females.

English bulldog breeders explain that the special traits of the dog lead to specific health problems. The shape of the short muzzle leads to breathing disorders. Bulldogs are notorious for snoring loudly!

This breed of dogs is prone to the formation of cysts between the toes. This becomes a cause for discomfort but the vet or any experienced English bulldog breeder can treat it. There are other health problems like the cherry eye and certain allergies. Ageing bulldogs develop hip problems and the hind legs tend to bend giving the appearance of a bow.

English bulldog breeders have to be careful with the pregnant females because in most of the cases the delivery is not normal and caesarian operation has to be undergone.

The English bulldog breeder has plenty of work and will accordingly instruct those who take home the puppies. The face has to be cleaned every day to avoid infections that are caused by accumulation of moisture. The teeth need to be cleaned with recommended veterinarian toothpaste.

The bulldog needs to be exercised every day. If this is not done then the dog easily gains weight and that in turn affects the heart and lungs. This particular breed reacts easily to heat and needs special care during hot days. The owner should see that the pet is kept in a cool shady place with plenty of water.

The tail of the English bulldog is naturally curled and small and so the English bulldog breeders do not have to bother about snipping their tails as is done with other breeds. A long happy looking tail is a grave defect in an English bulldog.

In 2009 the Kennel Club introduced revised breeding standards for English bulldogs that would lead to the breed having smaller heads, less skin folds and longer muzzle. The target was to address the health problems.


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