Tips To Cut A Shih Tzu Hair So That The Job Is Done Correctly and Lovingly …

December 17, 2007

The problem of how to cut a Shih Tzu hair cannot be answered without doing a little bit of homework. Shih Tzu dogs belong to the toy breed with long thick double coat. It is luxurious and profuse. The outer coat trails giving the dog a real regal look. The undercoat is soft and wooly.

It has a long hair on top requiring special attention. The colour varies from one to another. The dog hardly sheds its hair and is termed hypoallergenic. Considering all this it is little wonder then that the hair cut for Shih Tsu needs special discussion.

Haircuts for Shih Tzu are important because it needs intensive grooming. A daily brushing is a must to avoid knots and tangles. They need to be bathed once a month with special attention being given to the eyes and ears. Before going in for haircuts for Shih Tzu some areas have to be shaved.

The first step is to shave the stomach) skirting carefully the genital area. Start shaving the muzzle beginning from the nose moving up to the eyes. Go behind the eyebrows and down till the neck is reached. Cut the hair on the neck and trunk and stop at the beginning of the tail, the legs and bottom. Shave off the lower part of the legs. Pull out hair from the inside of the ears. Use a teasel brush to get rid of the knots and then brush the shaved parts. Use the electric trimmer once more to get an even finish. Catch the extended legs and start combing to the sides and make all the odd ends smooth. With curved scissors comb the lower part of the tail.

The hair on top of the paw must not be cut – the paws must be covered with hair. The hair on the cheeks has to be combed forward and made to arch from where the ears start. Stop when the nose is reached. The ears have to be lifted and the outside brushed and hair cut to give a round effect. The head should look like a kind of ball.

Shih Tzu hair cuts and shampoos go hand in hand. It is easier to do the job in the kitchen sink. Shampoo the head at the end of the operation. Keep a towel ready, then use a hair dryer. This will make the pet feel pampered. The heat must be low however.

A toothbrush will suffice to clean the ears and whiskers. The inside of the ear can be cleaned with a swab dipped in mineral oil. The key to how to cut a Shih Tzu hair is to train the dog to lie still and cooperate.


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