Buying Dog Halloween Costumes for Fun and Spook

October 14, 2007

photo courtesy of Lesley Ann Millerfunny dog costume
Nowadays dog Halloween costumes are included in the Halloween shopping list!! Halloween is connected with weird eerie thrills. Originally this festival of Samhan was a Pagan extravaganza of the Celts. In due course other western countries took it over.

Halloween is a shortened version of all-hallow-even or evening before All Saint’s Day. It is also known as Spooky Night when communication is opened between the living and the dead.

Halloween is a great chance to go shopping for odd costumes – both for man and beast. In yester years these fancy dresses were made at home but with the fast pace of the modern world the shop shelves are the only alternatives. Halloween costumes for pets can be chosen online also.

Usually dogs and cats are the favourite companions to attend a party and they can be dressed to kill. Pet Halloween costumes cover a wide range to suit all types of pockets. Some can be kept aside for the next year but usually the pet does short work with it in no time. It is soon torn to shreds to the delight of all.

Dog Halloween costumes can be chosen over the Internet. Along with the costumes come dog accessories. The Batman Dog costume consists of two pieces – the headgear and the jump suit. The Big Daddy Pimp costume consists of a hat with white feathers and a collar with a dollar symbol hanging from it.

Another dog can be made to look like Frankenstein with green headpiece and false eyes. Other costumes will make the dog look like a skeleton, a tin man, a cowardly lion or a scarecrow – straight from the pages of Wizard of Oz. The lion pet Halloween costume is complete with a badge of bravery.

funny dog halloween costumes
photo courtesy of Foreversouls

Dog costumes include a police uniform replete with cap. There are cat collars with bells and various bandanas for dogs. There is no end to the variety of dog clothes – Batman costume, clown wear, reindeer antlers and even a Superman costume.

But what about dog ghosts? There are clothes for witch dogs, corpse bride dogs and ghost dog with a peaked cap. The Dorothy Dog costume consists of blue checked frock and a middle parted wig with two long pigtails. There are also Star War character costumes and an adorable one for a Princess Dog. For music fans the dog can be made to look like Elvis Presley.

The party will be incomplete without the Dracula Dog costume or the Devil Dog red costume with two red horns. Scooby Doo costume just cannot be left out or the Pirate Dog sitting next to Zorro Dog. These Dog Halloween costumes come in various sizes to suit different breeds and can be easily bought online. Get one today!!!


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