Before Taking Home A Rottweiler Puppy Acquaint Yourself Thoroughly With The Breed …

November 24, 2007

The Rottweiler puppy is a little darling and is noted for its unique black colour touched with rust. The Rottweiler dog has descended from the Italian Mastiff.

Take a look at Rottweiler puppy pictures and be bowled over by their loving nature full of bounce and fun. The immense power latent in the breed can of course spell trouble.

The Rottweiler puppy must be trained to be obedient and to socialize. It has a reputation of being vicious and mean but if trained properly during the puppy stage it will soon learn to interact with the family. The extremely intelligent Rottweilers pups quickly respond to training. There is however a harsh stubborn streak in them. The breed requires plenty of exercise.

The puppies look like little black, cuddly, fuzzy bears! Till 16 weeks the puppies have very little bowel movement control. This means that the puppy will have to be taken outside at least once in the night around 2 am! It is definitely not everybody’s cup of tea! Even then accidents frequently occur.

These puppies love to howl and continue to do so for as long as 2 hours. So before rushing to the first shop with a sign screaming ‘Rottweiler puppies for sale’ think and pause.

Rottweiler pups bite, growl and snap. With some toys like rawhide or pig’s ears they become extremely aggressive. The intelligent pup often responds to a loud scolding or a firm smack.

Rottweiler pups sometimes chase children and bite off their limbs. They grab cats to kill and bite off the face of an old dog. The difficulty is to know whether the training progresses or not because the puppies might be fine till sunset but then on they behave like strange monsters.

Usually a spin around the garden and some exercise works wonders and they calm down. Within 6 months the symptoms die down. Their next stage is playful jumping on people and chewing the furniture. This is the time for plenty of patience and perseverance.

Rottweiler puppies mature extremely slowly. By the time it is a year old it is house broken and stops chewing but basically it remains a pup until 2 years. Training sessions have to continue. The exceptionally wild and naughty Rottweiler will need extra exercises.

Rottweiler pups not only mentally mature late but they physically grow more slowly than other pups. So they should be kept slim and lean. There is no point in overfeeding them to give the full look. It will only lead to hip problems.

Puppies always test you. If one growl makes you retreat then they gain the upper hand. It is the same with the puppy who shoves the owner and gets first into the car. The Rottweiler puppy is not for the soft natured persons.


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