Tips To Turning Dog House Plan Into A Beautiful And Practical Reality

November 5, 2007

The thinking part of a dog house plan is great. But the trouble starts when one executes it and turns dreams in realities. One has to rely on one’s own resources. But before sitting down with hammer and nail find out about the local laws about pooch shelters to put the mind at ease.

Having been rest assured on the point of permission the next thing is to consider about dog house plan is the size of the pooch in relation to its house. Measure its full height and the length from nose to tail. The house should be big enough to allow it elbowroom when resting. The roof of the dog house must allow for water to run off. Keep in mind arrival of future litters too.

While making dog house plans think of something portable and easy to shift. A dog house weighing about 250/300 pounds can easily be towed and carried over a four-foot high fence.

Next comes the placing of the house. The spot should not be near a place where rainwater accumulates or near a fence or ledge. The nutty mutt might jump off taking the house to be a stepping-stone to freedom.

Check that the house is not in face of windy draught and also that light does not fall on it. Preferably the house should be kept concealed allowing for doggy privacy and element of surprise against unwanted outsiders.

Now sketch the dog house plans on to the graph paper and charge on human brain cells. Dog lovers would love to introduce insulation for cold winters and hot summers. Such consideration for the pet is fine but it is prudent to bear in mind that even small puppies can chew through concealed wiring away from the supervision of human eyes and within the confines of its doggy privacy. The result is more often than not tragic.

Take a frame with joints placed at intervals. Use pressure treated wood that is resistant to rotting and infestation. Asphalt shingles will do well for the roof. Plywood is just fine for the decking and lumber wood for the sidewalls. The four sections may be assembled with galvanized L brackets.

Focus on the aesthetic value of the front piece. It can be made to look like a pagoda. The structure can be screwed on to the floor. The trickiest part is the roof and it is advisable to take the help of an assistant at this point of construction.

In the dog house plan provision must be made for using bricks and mortar to raise the house above the level of the soil before giving the doggy house warming party.


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