Professional Pet Photographers’ Insider Tips

October 12, 2007

professional pet photographer taking dog picture
photo courtesy of Cindy’s World

Professional pet photographers are in huge demand by people who are more than happy to pay for striking and eye catching photographs of their adored pets. Today, pet photography has become a specialist business and specialist pet portrait studios are coming up all over the world.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you should invest in a good camera. This may prove expensive at first but is sure to give you excellent returns. Grow a good professional relationship with your client because they are going to entrust you with their beloved pet. Lastly, compile the best of your photographs in a portfolio to showcase your talent to future customers.

Here are some tips for budding photographers so that they can capture stunning picture of pets. As for example, if you are going to shoot a dog then study some dog breed pictures. Keep a goal in mind as to which mood of the pet you want to capture. Nothing can be worse than spending hours to figure out whether you want to take the pet photo in a funny situation or cute or playful and then realizing you don’t have the necessary props. Be organized and get everything arranged in a logical way. Animals have a zero attention span and the last thing you want is to fiddle with instruments when the correct moment is there.

small dogNext step is to decide on a good setting. Some good settings for dog pictures are near the fireplace and with a roaring fire in background, at the beach, in a studio or in the open woods. Keep the temperament of the pet in mind too. So it is important to know the subject of your photograph too.

Most professional pet photographers prefer to take their shots in outdoor natural light. A good idea is to get the pets close to a big window as you can get some extra light due to reflection. But do not take the shots in direct sunlight as it can lower contrast levels. For Positioning, go for natural positions. Follow the pet to his favorite place. Attempt to get a slight angle in your shot. To capture the entire personality of the pet, capture lots of shots. The key to good photography is embracing the moment.

While taking the photos you should be relaxed as pets are highly sensitive to moods of other people. While shooting, get down on the pet’s level, as much as possible. If you take a shot from above then it would not portray intimacy. These tips should be enough to come in league of reputed professional pet photographers.


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