Tips to Adoption of Chihuahua Puppy which is a Pure Breed

October 24, 2007

The adoption of Chihuahua puppy is rewarding – adopt it and put it in the pocket while you whistle on the way back home. This breed is the smallest in the world and the name comes from a Mexican state – Chihuahua. The height ranges from 6” to 10” and they do not weigh more than 2.7kg.

The ancestors of these dogs were hairless Chinese dogs. The American Kennel Club gave it recognition in 1905. It has an ancient history of a long journey from China to meet their lovers in the Aztec regions.

Chihuahua puppies are little adorable darlings with prominent big eyes and perky erect ears. Take the Chihuahua puppy out of the pocket and check whether it is the long-coat or smooth coat variety of Chihuahua. Often both kinds pop up in the same litter.

Chihuahuas come in many colours – blue, black, red, cream, fawn, chocolate with or without spots. It may be grand mix up of three colours or solid black or white. Blue is a rare find.

This breed is famous for its ferocity, devotion and prominent personality. Although they are a bit high strung, with proper training the Chihuahua puppy can become the best of companions. Chihuahuas are ready to take on aggressively other dogs treble their size.

Adopting a dog, and that too a Chihuahua breed, requires a lot of homework. Do not get easily taken in by the signboard– Chihuahua puppy for sale! Check if the breeder is reputed and responsible. Otherwise a slipshod dealer will pass on puppies genetically unsound.

A breeder with AKC credentials will not hesitate to produce OFA and CERF (related to ophthalmic diseases common with this breed) certificates of the parent of the puppies. It is prudent to get introduced to the mother of the puppy. The father being the prize stud most probably will not be with the breeder. But enquires can be made and papers seen.

See that the litter conditions are clean. A conscientious breeder will not sell Chihuahua puppies to just every and anybody. Usually there is a waiting list. Moreover a dedicated breeder will not breed more than one type of dog. The litter will be inside the house and not outside because from the puppy stage the animal needs to socialize.

It is better to be cautious if the price is not high because these puppies coming from proper breeders should be costly. The breeder will give in writing 48 hours warranty and 2/3 years guarantee regarding heredity disorders.

Puppies must be at least 8 weeks old before they are sold. The breeder will mark out the pet-puppies from the show-puppies. But despite the ifs and buts adoption of Chihuahua puppy is fun-full of yelps and barks!


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