Reputable Shih Tzu Breeders Will Throw Questions At You And Be Ready To Answer Questions Them

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To begin with, reputable Shi Tzu breeders do not sell their puppies to any and everybody. It is difficult to find them. A reputable breeder of standing will pose questions to the buyer – why one wants a puppy of this particular breed, who is the vet who will care for the pet and also what other pets are there in the home.

Nevertheless before going shopping it is better to be armed with Shih Tzu information and also what to expect from the proper breeder. Before selecting the puppy it is good to know about the famous Shih Tzu.

Lately the Shih Tzu has become tremendously popular and as such unethical business has also started to thrive. Top class breeders will be concentrating on type, health as well as temperament. They must be able to answer questions thrown to them about the breed and should be a member of one or more breed organizations. There are certain rules they have to Read more

The Michigan Shih Tzu Breeder And The Breed Both Are Rare And Need To Be Sounded

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There are not many addresses to knock on when searching for a Michigan Shih Tzu breeder. It was an enjoyable task to hunt around in this midwestern state of USA. America is a boiling pot of cultures and taste – the best example being this class of professionals known as Michigan Shih Tzu breeders.

If the state is named after an Indian word ‘mishigami’ meaning large lake, the name of the dog breed has a Tibeto- Chinese flavour. Michigan’s fresh water shoreline is the longest in the world and it was no mean job, hunting for signs advertising sale of Shih Tzu puppies.

The shihtzu are a rare breed of lap dogs who are faithful companions. The Michigan Shih-Tzu breeder has to be someone special – not only an ordinary breeder but Read more

Before Taking Home A Rottweiler Puppy Acquaint Yourself Thoroughly With The Breed …

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The Rottweiler puppy is a little darling and is noted for its unique black colour touched with rust. The Rottweiler dog has descended from the Italian Mastiff.

Take a look at Rottweiler puppy pictures and be bowled over by their loving nature full of bounce and fun. The immense power latent in the breed can of course spell trouble.

The Rottweiler puppy must be trained to be obedient and to socialize. It has a reputation of being vicious and mean but if trained properly during the puppy stage it will soon learn to interact with the family. The extremely intelligent Rottweilers pups quickly respond to training. There is however a harsh stubborn streak in them. The breed requires plenty of exercise.

The puppies look like little black, cuddly, fuzzy bears! Till 16 weeks the puppies have very little Read more

A Dog Classifieds for Knowing How Dogs are Classified According to Their Characteristics

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The dog classifieds section will broadly group the animals as toy-dogs, hounds, livestock-guardians, herding-dogs, spitz, terriers, working-dogs, molosser, sporting-dogs, non-sporting-dogs and the great gang called the primitive group.

It will be great shakes to nose around with some of the members of the dog classifieds clan. There are many standards by which dogs can be classified. It depends on size, coat, temperament and the type of work done or not done.

In the Toy group are Affenpinscher, American Lo Sze Pugg and Brussels Griffon. Both toy and some working dogs are small but the uniqueness of the toy dogs is that they are Read more

About Beagle Miniature Puppy Which Slips Through the Buttonhole…

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The beagle miniature puppy is akin to the breed known as Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle. In the middle Ages there was a special breed of dog known as the pocket beagle, which was only 8” to 9” tall. Literally it could slip inside pocket.

These pets went into the saddlebag as the master rode the horse while hunting. The pocket beagle was released to follow up the chase through the thick undergrowth where the going would be tough and impossible for large breeds. So there was a method in the madness of rearing pocket-sized beagles!

Comparison between a standard beagle dogs and the pocket beagle will make the picture sharper. The standard ones are 13” or 15” tall and weigh anything between Read more

Tips to Adoption of Chihuahua Puppy which is a Pure Breed

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The adoption of Chihuahua puppy is rewarding – adopt it and put it in the pocket while you whistle on the way back home. This breed is the smallest in the world and the name comes from a Mexican state – Chihuahua. The height ranges from 6” to 10” and they do not weigh more than 2.7kg.

The ancestors of these dogs were hairless Chinese dogs. The American Kennel Club gave it recognition in 1905. It has an ancient history of a long journey from China to meet their lovers in the Aztec regions.

Chihuahua puppies are little adorable darlings with prominent big eyes and perky erect ears. Take the Chihuahua puppy out of the pocket and check whether it is the Read more

Basic Dog Breed Information for Pet Breeders

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photo courtesy of Cindy’s World
basic dog breed info for pet breedersFor dog breed information a little bit of digging into the past is required to know the present. The carnivores – a large group of intelligent, flesh eating backboned animals comprise of 11 families. The dog or canine is one of them.

According to the dog breed info, the canines have many wild species like wolves, foxes, wild dogs etc. The dog is the only domesticated member of this canine family. The common ancestor of the dog is a wolf like creature, Tomarctus that lived about 15 million years ago. Dogs were the first animals to be tamed by Man about 20,000 years ago.

At times the dog breed picture might be confusing because dogs range from the tiny Chihuahua to the giant Irish-wolfhound. Most dogs have Read more