Arthritis Pet Treatment Is Something A Loving Master Will Never Overlook…

November 20, 2007

Arthritis pet treatment is essential if the pet is loved and not allowed to suffer. By arthritis it is generally meant swelling of the joints. In dogs and cats it is a degenerative disease that is triggered by an injury inflicted on joint or ligament.

Arthritis in dogs are mostly noticed when they are old because that is the time when they become weak and are more susceptible to injury. Older dogs too are more prone to this disease and have to undergo arthritis pet treatment because they live longer and consequently suffer more.

Dogs in general are more susceptible to arthritis because of the weight related connection with the disease. Arthritis puts stress on the joints.

The most common causes for arthritis are hip and elbow dislocation. These are problems related to big dogs. Nevertheless small dogs and cats too suffer from it. The joints are made up of soft connective tissues that act as shock absorbers between the bones. When this cartilage wastes away then arthritis canine symptoms can be noticed. The animals show obvious signs of pain, start limping and try to lift the limb while walking so as not to put pressure on it.

Today canine arthritis medication assures a pain-free life for the beloved pet. Canine arthritis treatment should be done in consultation with the vet. Short-term treatment consists in the administering of anti-inflammatory drugs like buffered aspirin.

With the withdrawal of the pain, long-term arthritis medicine for pet can be started. The pet will require reasonable exercise to control the weight for mobility of joints and putting of less pressure on the joints. The owner must see that this routine is regularly maintained.

Side effects might surface but it must immediately be reported to the doctor. Medicines suitable for humans are not the best for animals because of metabolic differences. The vet is the best judge in such matters. In fact it can be positively dangerous for the pet.

Sometimes the arthritis is so acute that surgical back up is required. Arthrotomy removes fragments of bone and cartilage. Arthrodesis fuses the joints and sometimes the doctor might opt for total hip replacement.

Early detection of the onset of pet arthritis is essential and for this the best person to notice is the loving owner who will see to it that the animal does not become a cripple.

The usual signs are that the pet will take a lot of time to get up and be unable to jump and climb. If these signs suddenly appear then obviously the animal has ruptured its disc and needs immediate attention. Even appetite loss may be connected with the disease. Arthritis pet treatment today is greatly advanced.


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