Tips To Cut A Shih Tzu Hair So That The Job Is Done Correctly and Lovingly …

December 17, 2007 | 1 Comment

The problem of how to cut a Shih Tzu hair cannot be answered without doing a little bit of homework. Shih Tzu dogs belong to the toy breed with long thick double coat. It is luxurious and profuse. The outer coat trails giving the dog a real regal look. The undercoat is soft and wooly.

It has a long hair on top requiring special attention. The colour varies from one to another. The dog hardly sheds its hair and is termed hypoallergenic. Considering all this it is little wonder then that the hair cut for Shih Tsu needs special discussion.

Haircuts for Shih Tzu are important because it needs intensive grooming. A daily brushing is a must to avoid knots and tangles. They need to be bathed once a month with special Read more

Causes And Tips To Dog Dental Care Which Includes Visits To The Vet …

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Never ignore dog dental care if you are the master of a pet. Pet dental care starts off at the home. Excess of tartar tends to build up affecting the gums.

Plaque is formed due to deposition of food and bacteria. Regular canine dental care and brushing at home can clear up this unhealthy mess.

If the plaque is neglected, minerals present in the saliva combines with the plaque and forms tartar – also known as calculus. It gets strongly fixed to the teeth. Within 3 to 5 days of the formation of the plaque it begins to Read more

Arthritis Pet Treatment Is Something A Loving Master Will Never Overlook…

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Arthritis pet treatment is essential if the pet is loved and not allowed to suffer. By arthritis it is generally meant swelling of the joints. In dogs and cats it is a degenerative disease that is triggered by an injury inflicted on joint or ligament.

Arthritis in dogs are mostly noticed when they are old because that is the time when they become weak and are more susceptible to injury. Older dogs too are more prone to this disease and have to undergo arthritis pet treatment because they live longer and consequently suffer more.

Dogs in general are more susceptible to arthritis because of the weight related connection with the disease. Arthritis puts stress on the joints.

The most common causes for arthritis are hip and Read more

Dealing with Canine Hair Loss Problems Is Important and Urgent

November 12, 2007 | 1 Comment

If your dog is facing one of those canine hair loss problems that have been known to give many a dog owner a number of sleepless nights, then its time to do something about it immediately. When it comes to hair loss problems in dogs, it never pays to delay your dog’s treatment.

Just like in case of humans, hair loss could be marking the onset of a grave disease, or probably nothing more them just a bit of weakness. Therefore, instead of delaying or trying to answer canine health questions by yourself, take your dog to a vet immediately.

However it is important to bear in mind the fact that a bit of hair loss in dog need not be considered a severe problem. Now you may ask “How can I decide if the amount of dog hair loss in my pet is normal or not?” Well, most of it depends on the dog in question. There are some dogs, for instance, that hardly tend to shed hair. In such cases, if the dog starts shedding hair at the same rate that would be Read more

All about Canine Dry Skin and Other Problems Related to Your Pet’s Skin

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Canine dry skin, skin allergy, fungus and acne have always been known to give not only the dogs but also the dog owners a very hard time. Though in cases where the problem is not very severe, you need not worry much, cases such as severe canine skin allergies need to be given very serious attention.

This is simply owing to the fact that though a bit of skin problem such as hair loss in dogs or severe canine dermatitis may not be looking too troublesome to you; it sure could be a symptom to an ugly disease. Therefore, it is always best to consult a vet in case the canine dry skin problem tends to look suspicious to you in any possible way.

Thankfully, owing to the fast developing technology these days doctors can easily understand your dog’s problem with a few simple tests. These tests could include anything starting form Read more

Apparent Dog Diabetes Symptom Should Not Be Disregarded But Must Be Treated

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Dog diabetes symptoms will be the first indications of the dreaded disease. Broadly speaking there are two types of dog diabetes – diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus. Canine diabetes mellitus is similar to the human type.

Diabetes insipidus results from a lack of vasopressin. This is the antidiuretic hormone that controls the water works of the kidney. Diabetes mellitus is caused by lack of insulin or sugar metabolism. The latter is the most common of the two.

Diabetes mellitus can be further subdivided into the congenital and acquired types. Most of the diabetes noticed in dogs are Read more

Symptoms of Dog Food Allergy That Every Pet Owner Must Be Aware of

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Dog food allergy can kill the canine. Food accounts for most of the allergy in dog. The other common causes for allergy are fleabites and inhalants. The whole thing is not really well understood and most likely the permutation and combination is individual specific with one dog reacting to one type of food that is fine with other dogs.

However if left ignored the allergy can lead to death. Food allergies are not related to the breed of the dog or to its gender. The symptom of puppy allergy can pop up as early as 5 months. On the other extreme end a dog that has never shown signs of allergy may suddenly break out with an attack when as old as 12. Those dogs that suffer from dog food allergy are also prone to inhalant and contact related allergies.

A distinction has to be made to intolerance to food and allergic to food. The former leads to stomach upset while itching and Read more

Knowing Dog Food Secrets for a Healthy and Happy Dog!

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It is essential to know the basic dog food secrets to ensure good health for your dog. The two aspects of dog nutrition are his diet and nutrition.

Raw food is preferable over cooked, as quite some minerals are lost in the process of cooking. Dog health discussions rage over the issue of raw food. Intense heat of cooked food destroys nutrients and dogs on raw stuff do not need dental care. The bones perform the chewing action as well as the teeth cleaning functions. Moreover the immune system is strengthened. Others say this might lead to the spread of the Mad-Cow disease and salmonella will be environmentally disastrous.

All dogs should get satisfactory nutrition from their food in order to remain in excellent health and maintain performance. The chief nutrients that your dog requires are Read more

Stop Your Dog Chewing With Easy Tips

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photo courtesy of Mark Klotzsmall dog chewing picture
Dog chewing is not surprising. The dog is a part of your family and your mammal group also. Thus if human babies chew and drool so do puppies. Dog chewing problems have to be solved in the same way as you would do to a younger member of your family – with love and firmness and not with disgust and anger.

The dog chewing habit might drive you to your wits end. For a live demonstration see the Hollywood classic Beethoven. The joke and love is strained when you come back home to see the leg of your sofa gnawed through, the heel’s of mother’s new shoe broken, father’s socks with gaping holes and all the sleazy news in the fresh morning newspapers cut out.

Every action has a reaction. If dog chewing is the reaction then find out the cause. The simple fact is that puppies have teething problems and also nutritional problems. For routine guidance and Read more