Dealing with Canine Hair Loss Problems Is Important and Urgent

November 12, 2007

If your dog is facing one of those canine hair loss problems that have been known to give many a dog owner a number of sleepless nights, then its time to do something about it immediately. When it comes to hair loss problems in dogs, it never pays to delay your dog’s treatment.

Just like in case of humans, hair loss could be marking the onset of a grave disease, or probably nothing more them just a bit of weakness. Therefore, instead of delaying or trying to answer canine health questions by yourself, take your dog to a vet immediately.

However it is important to bear in mind the fact that a bit of hair loss in dog need not be considered a severe problem. Now you may ask “How can I decide if the amount of dog hair loss in my pet is normal or not?” Well, most of it depends on the dog in question. There are some dogs, for instance, that hardly tend to shed hair. In such cases, if the dog starts shedding hair at the same rate that would be considered normal for other dogs, the problem should be taken up seriously.

Sometimes hair loss in canines can be extremely severe and noticeable. For example, in extreme cases, doges end up shedding so much hair that it results in alopecia, that is lack or absence of hair on certain body parts of the dog, where it normally had been having hair.

Alopecia has been known to be one of the basic symptoms to a number of canine health problems caused due to allergies, stress or parasites. However, sometimes they could also mark the onset of certain internal dog diseases including diabetes, thyroid disorder problems, or even cancer. General weakness and ill health could also result in canine hair loss.

If you see your dog losing a lot of hair, it is suggested that you start observing your dog more closely for some time. A number of other factors, such as change in diet, or heavy scratching etc, could go a long way in helping the vet decide which test to opt for, and in understanding the dog’s problem. For instance, if the doctor suspects a mite infection to be the cause behind the dog’s problem, a test with the dog’s skin scrapings might require to be carried out.

Sometimes, hair loss in dogs, as you might notice could be a result of nothing but heavy chewing or scratching of itself. An itchy dog might need to be bathed with particular shampoos, and treated with allergy shots, in case they are found to be having allergy problems.

So, if you love and care for your pet, do keep a watch out for such problems as dog hair loss. Remember, the old well known rule “prevention is better than cure”, hold good for your beloved creature when you talk about canine hair loss.


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  1. CAIRO on December 5th, 2007 7:20 am

    Dealing with a pet should be fairly well.A owner will be knowing the good and bad of his pet.He can identify easily when his pet falls sick.If that is the stage its better of dealing with vetinstead of we handling it ,to get it cured at
    the best.

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