You Can Stop Your Dog Barking!

October 16, 2007

photo courtesy of Sakwut Sfierce white dog barking picture
Dog barking is a serious problem. Dogs just bark, it is as simple as that, as you well know if you are a dog owner. But the sole purpose of a barking dog is not just to drive you crazy; there are at least three common reasons for it.

One is frustration, social isolation and attention seeking. Especially the older dog will bark for a long time, if he is left all by himself without any interaction or company. He gets bored, and he becomes very vocal when he is bored.

The environment is also a factor for dog barking. If he is kept in the backyard, and there are no other pets or toys or other dogs, he will get bored; even a friendly cat can keep him occupied and can stop dog barking.

If he is an active dog, he will need to be active and to be taken for walks; prolonged inactivity will make him bark for long periods. It is his way of telling you that he needs more of your time and company and it will stop dog from barking continuously.

The other type of barking is a form of territorial and protective behavior. This barking, if controlled, is not unpleasant; it is his way of letting you know that someone he does not know is coming into his territory.

Protective barking is helpful and he is just not letting someone he does not know get close to you, unless you let him know that it is okay. If he is a well trained dog, he will not indulge in this type of barking with people he should be familiar with.

Dogs also bark as a result of separation anxiety, and puppies are particularly prone to this. In this case, he will start barking after you leave the house or a short time after you have left.

Normally, he may be in the habit of following you wherever you go in the house, and not leaving your side for any length of time. In which case, your absence will make him anxious, and he will bark uncontrollably and disturb the neighborhood.

If you feel that your dog is barking excessively without any apparent cause, you can consider giving him barking dog training. This takes a lot of time, effort and persistence. Basically it starts by your giving him a treat, and while he is eating, to talk to him to stop barking.

There are dog bark collars which help you in controlling nuisance barking of the dog. There are various types and brands of barking dog collar available. They have been found to be quite effective once you train the dog about the relationship between the collar and his barking.

You will be surprised to know that dogs actually know how to listen! You can call your dog “Good dog” and pat him on his head, to tell him that you appreciate it when he stops barking. If the talks, treats, and pats do not yield much result, then you have to raise your voice and say “Stop barking” in a way which will startle him to make him stop barking. He will realize that he has done something to have annoyed you.

These techniques have to be repeated until your dog understands fully the meaning of the phrase “Stop barking!” Persistent training in this way will bring him to a point when even if you utter the command in a very soft voice, he will stop immediately, or better still, he will give up the habit of barking much as a result of the training.

Thus there are various ways of stopping dog barking and you should try your best so that no one is disturbed!


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