Basic Dog Potty Training Tips for a Clean and Hygienic House and Surrounding

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Dog potty training is essential after you have got yourself a new dog. It is the first thing you will have to teach him in house training, so that he learns to live like a member of your household. The toilet training that the puppy will learn in the first months will last him a lifetime; so it has to be done properly from the earliest.

Do remember that potty puppy training won’t be effective till he is about six months old, because as a young puppy he won’t have sufficient bladder and bowel control.

You have to be available to supervise potty training for puppies, but there can be times when it is not possible for you to be around. In such a situation, put Read more

Best Dog Training Book if You Want to Learn to Recognize the Dog’s Behavior

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best dog training book
photo courtesy of Lauren Miller

The best dog training book will dig up all the bony secrets of the dog world. From ancient times the dog has been man’s best friend. It was a matter of give and take – a partnership that worked out perfectly.

Today the dog is man’s slim connection with nature in this age of concrete and machines. In fact many bigwigs are of the opinion that the fuzz of the dog that we inhale peps up our immunity system. For the depressed and lonely, dogs are wonderful companions – something like a counselor. They understand and apprehend while they guard and befriend.

Today all doggy barks and woofs have left a paw mark in the best dog training books. The street dog in developing countries run wild but Read more

Why is Your Dog Jumping….Tips to Stop Dog From Jumping

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jumping dog picture
photo courtesy of Myles Weissleder

A dog jumping on people can be not only embarrassing for its owner but quite dangerous too. You always have to be in constant attention as your dog can accidentally take a nip at people or scratch them or knock over children and elderly people.

Before trying to learn how to stop dog from jumping, let’s understand why dogs do that in the first place. Your visitors might agree on the conclusion that your dog is jumping simply because it’s a bad dog and loves to irritate them. But the fact is that jumping is natural and instinctive behavior of them.

Your dogs jump for the similar reasons you shake your friends hand or hug them. It is their method of saying “hi”. Most of the dogs adore attention, and the best way to get attention of you and Read more

Tips on How to Become a Dog Trainer for Taming The Wild Pets

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A question like how to become a dog trainer was never asked in yester years. There were no schools and curriculums for man to learn to be a dog trainer because human beings were very close to Nature. Today in the urban jungle man and beast has moved so far away that the skill has to be acquired.

For those opting to make a living out of training dogs there are professional dog training schools. The first thing is that this line is only for dog lovers. One has also to love people because the career involves getting people to train dogs. It requires patience and passion.

Secondly one should have book education as well as hands-on experience in this field. No degrees are required and this makes the onus more serious. To prepare the groundwork read books on Read more

Tips to Dog Housetraining for a Clean and Healthy Environment!!

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Dog housetraining is concerned with teaching the dog to be toilet trained. This is a vital issue considering the bonding between man and beast. If not trained it may even result in a painful separation and trauma.

Dogs are sociable creatures that move in packs. This does not mean you will have to bring in more mutts into the house. The dog will identify itself with your family and with the owner as the alpha leader of the pack. Accordingly it will listen to the leader. Thus from the very beginning of dog housetraining it must be made clear that the owner is the boss.

The adult house training dogs will require patience. The owner must be ready for the initial hiccups for later rewards. If not, do not go for a dog. No matter what the rulebook says the Read more

You Can Stop Your Dog Barking!

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photo courtesy of Sakwut Sfierce white dog barking picture
Dog barking is a serious problem. Dogs just bark, it is as simple as that, as you well know if you are a dog owner. But the sole purpose of a barking dog is not just to drive you crazy; there are at least three common reasons for it.

One is frustration, social isolation and attention seeking. Especially the older dog will bark for a long time, if he is left all by himself without any interaction or company. He gets bored, and he becomes very vocal when he is bored.

The environment is also a factor for dog barking. If he is kept in the backyard, and there are no other pets or toys or other dogs, he will get bored; even a friendly cat can keep him occupied and can stop dog barking. Read more

All About Agility Dog Training and the Sport

October 14, 2007 | 2 Comments

photo courtesy of Sigridur Vala Gunnarsdottiragility dog training
Agility dog training is all about teaching dogs tricks. Here the old adage holds true – an old dog cannot be taught new tricks. So the start must be made when they are puppies and just beginning to understand.

It is a sport – a sport with shows and prizes across the globe. The main artists are the dog and the handler. The latter guides the dog through an obstacle run in which both time and accuracy are crucial factors.

In dog agility training the dogs are kept unleashed and neither food nor toys are allowed to be offered as incentives. The handlers are not allowed to touch either the dog or the hurdles. The handler can only control the animal by the tone of his voice or Read more

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