A Dog Classifieds for Knowing How Dogs are Classified According to Their Characteristics

October 31, 2007

The dog classifieds section will broadly group the animals as toy-dogs, hounds, livestock-guardians, herding-dogs, spitz, terriers, working-dogs, molosser, sporting-dogs, non-sporting-dogs and the great gang called the primitive group.

It will be great shakes to nose around with some of the members of the dog classifieds clan. There are many standards by which dogs can be classified. It depends on size, coat, temperament and the type of work done or not done.

In the Toy group are Affenpinscher, American Lo Sze Pugg and Brussels Griffon. Both toy and some working dogs are small but the uniqueness of the toy dogs is that they are kept exclusively as pets. The breed consists of three sizes.

The hounds help in hunting by tracking or chasing the prey. Hounds consist of three kinds – sight-hounds, scent-hounds and other hounds. Famous members of this group are the Afghan hound, American foxhound and the Beagle.

The dogs known as livestock guardians are generally the sheep dogs. They are distinct herding dogs. They blend in with the livestock and remain alert looking out for external threats. Some famous names in this group are the Aidi, Akbash and Caucasian Otcharka.

Atlas sheepdogs, American Tundra-shepherd are herding dogs belonging to a pastoral breed. Some work well with any animal but others are specific about the beasts.

The typical spitz is white with a curly tail. Its home of origin is the Arctic region and plenty of wolf blood flows through its veins.

The terriers hunt and kill vermin. These dogs are small and hyperactive, tough and brave. The largest is the Airedale terrier.

The working dog is not a pet but a toiling animal that performs tasks – like helping the rancher or performing tricks in the circus. Without the Anatolian shepherd dog the cheetah would have made mincemeat of the sheep.

The Molosser group’s origins are ancient and come from dogs kept by Molossi tribe in Greece. There are today two sub types – the white variety guards flocks and the black looks after the house. These heavy dogs have loads of courage and loyalty.

The sporting dog that hunt are the most beautiful medium and large sized critters. There are three types – setters, spaniels and retrievers or pointers.

The non-sporting club of dogs consists of a variety of sturdy animals and includes the Chow Chow, Dalmatian, French bulldog, Keeshond etc.

Primitve dogs are those not much changed from the wolf both in looks and behaviour. The primitive breeds are the dingoes of Australia, Singing dogs of New Guinea, Carolina dog and the pariah.

Thus dog classifieds runs into an endless process running from branches into a fascinating maze of sub-branches.


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