Knowing Dog Food Secrets for a Healthy and Happy Dog!

October 18, 2007

It is essential to know the basic dog food secrets to ensure good health for your dog. The two aspects of dog nutrition are his diet and nutrition.

Raw food is preferable over cooked, as quite some minerals are lost in the process of cooking. Dog health discussions rage over the issue of raw food. Intense heat of cooked food destroys nutrients and dogs on raw stuff do not need dental care. The bones perform the chewing action as well as the teeth cleaning functions. Moreover the immune system is strengthened. Others say this might lead to the spread of the Mad-Cow disease and salmonella will be environmentally disastrous.

All dogs should get satisfactory nutrition from their food in order to remain in excellent health and maintain performance. The chief nutrients that your dog requires are water, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Most of this dog nutrition is present in raw bones with a small amount of dry food and the occasional treat of pasta or rice along with the leftovers of your dinner table. However do not give the dog too many treats from the table as it leads to obesity and related diseases.

Most of the dogs simply relish fruits and vegetables in their food, but only if they are used to it. A dog that has been kept on commercial dog food all his entire life will not be able to have pleasure in fresh food, and may not want to have it. It may be a problem to introduce such food later in his life.

Commercial foods are recommended by most vets as a good diet for your pets. However a diet that is mostly natural and comprising of meat and bones as commercial food may be an easy option but definitely not the healthiest one.

Your perseverance and love for your dog will soon make him appreciate the taste of these healthy food items prepared according to dog recipes easily found everywhere. You can start out by hand feeding your dog, pieces of apple or carrot. Your dog’s health will certainly benefit if you can hunt few dog food recipes and feed him homemade dog food.

Some human food may spell death to the dog. Chocolate is bad for dog health as sufficient doses leads to painful death within 20 hours. Grapes and nuts as well as onion and garlic too can be deadly. It is one of the dog food secrets which very few know.

Dogs react to alcohol the same way as humans, especially beer. Dogs are allergic to some food and may suffer from vertigo, cancer, epilepsy and arthritis and may develop dog health problems.
Many dogs think the feces of cats and even its own droppings as a treat because of hidden proteins. The animal is not aware of the diseases lurking inside and therefore care should be taken to keep the animal away from such delicacies.

Thus follow the dog food secrets mentioned and have a healthy and happy pet to love and adore in your family!!


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