Basic Dog Potty Training Tips for a Clean and Hygienic House and Surrounding

November 15, 2007

Dog potty training is essential after you have got yourself a new dog. It is the first thing you will have to teach him in house training, so that he learns to live like a member of your household. The toilet training that the puppy will learn in the first months will last him a lifetime; so it has to be done properly from the earliest.

Do remember that potty puppy training won’t be effective till he is about six months old, because as a young puppy he won’t have sufficient bladder and bowel control.

You have to be available to supervise potty training for puppies, but there can be times when it is not possible for you to be around. In such a situation, put your puppy in a puppy-proof room, with the floor entirely covered with newspaper or disposable, absorbent material.

In the beginning, the puppy will go all over the room, but he will start favoring one area, as he gets older. Reduce the area gradually, until the puppy learns to go on the toilet papers only.

The floor of this puppy-proof room should be different from the floor area of the rest of the house, and should not have any carpeting. When the puppy has become conditioned to eliminating on a particular type of surface, he will automatically want to eliminate only on a similar surface.

If you have set yourself the task of teaching your puppy to eliminate only on paper, then you have accomplished your task. But most dog owners also like their dogs to eliminate outside the house; so use the puppy-proof room only when you are not around to supervise him.

If you are putting your puppy in a crate for some time, put papers in a corner of the crate, which he will use. Dogs are very clean by nature, and he will try his best not to dirty his bed area. This will also teach him to develop self control.

If you trying for potty training dog outdoors, then take him out to the appointed area every forty five minutes. When your puppy does his job in the proper area, praise him extravagantly, for he is learning the most critical lesson in his house training. It is one puppy potty training tip which most puppy owners tend to overlook.

Your puppy’s feeding schedule should be consistent, so that you will know when to anticipate his needs. Let him have fresh, clean drinking water at all times, but restrict his access to food.

Similarly, don’t give him free run of the house till he is fully trained. You can put a collar and a long lead on him and tie one end of the lead around your waist, so that he is near you all the time, and you can check him if he makes any mistakes.

You will need a good sense of humor and patience while you are training your dog, and if you are consistent and relaxed while you are teaching him, he will. Gradually he will become well adjusted and house trained and your dog potty training will be a success.


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