Tips on How to Become a Dog Trainer for Taming The Wild Pets

October 18, 2007

A question like how to become a dog trainer was never asked in yester years. There were no schools and curriculums for man to learn to be a dog trainer because human beings were very close to Nature. Today in the urban jungle man and beast has moved so far away that the skill has to be acquired.

For those opting to make a living out of training dogs there are professional dog training schools. The first thing is that this line is only for dog lovers. One has also to love people because the career involves getting people to train dogs. It requires patience and passion.

Secondly one should have book education as well as hands-on experience in this field. No degrees are required and this makes the onus more serious. To prepare the groundwork read books on dogs watch footage on the screen and volunteer yourself to work with trainers and rescue teams.

The best way to start off a dog training career is to join any association which will be having all the know-how and the infrastructure for proper coordination. The exciting thing is that in this cyber age there are many dog online school training courses that even give out certificates. Once trained you can even offer advice over the telephone apart from personally calling and meeting the students – Man and Beast.

At the onset of taking on dog training jobs it is not compulsory to take on each and every case. For instance if you are inadequate to tackle aggression of one dog feel free to contact another trainer and note down observations.

One can become an apprentice to a dog trainer. This can be done in addition to the other projects online.

How to become a dog trainer?

It involves learning to handle, groom and correctly examine the dog. The owner has to be instructed how to make the pet obey basic commands, socialize with other dogs, visitors and children. The dog has to be taught agility and tracking to detect and to protect. Dogs are trained to join competitions. Progress report has to be maintained.

For those learning how to become a dog trainer by attending professional dog training schools or online training schools, it is compulsory to attend seminars and workshops on dog training and learn from experts.

At least two dozen should be attended to learn the basics like the history of the breed being trained, development from the puppy stage, house training, training of pet dogs and police dogs, detecting bombs and narcotics, handling shy dogs etc. The dog trainer should know about the health of the dog and questions about safety of the pet.

The basic answer to the query about how to become a dog trainer is that the person should be physically fit and mentally well organized to be truly successful in this field!


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