Best Dog Training Book if You Want to Learn to Recognize the Dog’s Behavior

October 21, 2007

best dog training book
photo courtesy of Lauren Miller

The best dog training book will dig up all the bony secrets of the dog world. From ancient times the dog has been man’s best friend. It was a matter of give and take – a partnership that worked out perfectly.

Today the dog is man’s slim connection with nature in this age of concrete and machines. In fact many bigwigs are of the opinion that the fuzz of the dog that we inhale peps up our immunity system. For the depressed and lonely, dogs are wonderful companions – something like a counselor. They understand and apprehend while they guard and befriend.

Today all doggy barks and woofs have left a paw mark in the best dog training books. The street dog in developing countries run wild but it is remarkable how they know each resident in their own beat.

After usual working hours when night falls these naturally trained guardians protect the neighbourhood and will not allow a thief from outside to enter the area without creating a ruckus. Nevertheless pet dogs or domesticated dogs have to be trained for specific purposes.

Books on dog training cover all aspects of training – the most important being the training of the owner of the animal. It is a two-way traffic and the best dog training book will not ignore this.

Cesar Millan's Dog Training Book
photo courtesy of Illona Haus

The books will teach man to understand the way the dog communicates with humans, how the human can praise the dog, how to teach the dog good canine manners, how chewing habits can be blocked, how you can prevent your dog jumping on newcomers, how to check irritating barking, how to keep your pet away from the couch, how to tackle doggy domination and aggression after analyzing causes and above all how to teach the pet to share the home with a new baby curbing its jealous instincts.

The dog training book will guide the reader to the various kinds of breeds and of them focus on the 10 most popular ones. To train the first prerequisite is to understand the behaviour of different breeds. Training is breeding specific relating to the needs of individual owners. In the books on dog training information will be given on puppy behaviour and problems. This needs special attention, as it is the puppy that will become the dog.

There are innumerable books in the market and the best dog training books available online are as follows :-

  • The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems
  • The Playful, Nonaggressive Way to Teach Your Dog Good Behavior
  • The Everything Dog Training and Tricks Book
  • Dr Dunbar’s Good Little Dog Book
  • The Dog Whisperer: A Compassionate, Nonviolent Approach to Training


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