Best Dog Training Book if You Want to Learn to Recognize the Dog’s Behavior

October 21, 2007 | Leave a Comment

best dog training book
photo courtesy of Lauren Miller

The best dog training book will dig up all the bony secrets of the dog world. From ancient times the dog has been man’s best friend. It was a matter of give and take – a partnership that worked out perfectly.

Today the dog is man’s slim connection with nature in this age of concrete and machines. In fact many bigwigs are of the opinion that the fuzz of the dog that we inhale peps up our immunity system. For the depressed and lonely, dogs are wonderful companions – something like a counselor. They understand and apprehend while they guard and befriend.

Today all doggy barks and woofs have left a paw mark in the best dog training books. The street dog in developing countries run wild but Read more