Why is Your Dog Jumping….Tips to Stop Dog From Jumping

October 19, 2007

jumping dog picture
photo courtesy of Myles Weissleder

A dog jumping on people can be not only embarrassing for its owner but quite dangerous too. You always have to be in constant attention as your dog can accidentally take a nip at people or scratch them or knock over children and elderly people.

Before trying to learn how to stop dog from jumping, let’s understand why dogs do that in the first place. Your visitors might agree on the conclusion that your dog is jumping simply because it’s a bad dog and loves to irritate them. But the fact is that jumping is natural and instinctive behavior of them.

Your dogs jump for the similar reasons you shake your friends hand or hug them. It is their method of saying “hi”. Most of the dogs adore attention, and the best way to get attention of you and your guest is by jumping up and down in front of the person. Dogs are extremely social animals and very inquisitive about others lives. Sometimes dog jumping could be a guarding behavior against malicious persons.

There are many dog owners who lovingly reinforce this behavior by praising their dogs and slapping their thighs to encourage their puppies to rush and jump up as if it was a dog jumping fence! This might look very cute on a little and adorable pup but can be quite a problem once it has grown up. So it is very important to teach a dog not to jump even when it is small.

Here are some of the tips you can apply to stop dog from jumping on people unnecessarily.

dog jumping picture
photo courtesy of Jesper Voetmann Mikkelsen
  • You can try by teaching your dog the “Sit!” command. The logic is that once your dog is in sitting position it can’t definitely jump.

  • You can also use a dog collar and leash to make him sit if he insists on rushing and jumping every time the doorbell rings.

  • Instead of saying “no”, use commands like “Off!”. This is an instruction and will let the dog know what you want rather than then just conveying the message that you are displeased.

  • If you know that your dog is jumping simply because he is craving for attention them make sure you don’t give him that. Instead of praising him when he jumps, be firm and tell him to sit down. You can reward and praise him when he sits down.

  • Another idea is to crouch down in front of your dog when he jumps at you. Thus your face will be on the same level as your dog and he can no longer jump to greet you.

  • Lastly, you have to be consistent in your training and should not allow dog jumping even during play time or else soon he will start doing the same at other times.


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