Why is Your Dog Jumping….Tips to Stop Dog From Jumping

October 19, 2007 | Leave a Comment

jumping dog picture
photo courtesy of Myles Weissleder

A dog jumping on people can be not only embarrassing for its owner but quite dangerous too. You always have to be in constant attention as your dog can accidentally take a nip at people or scratch them or knock over children and elderly people.

Before trying to learn how to stop dog from jumping, let’s understand why dogs do that in the first place. Your visitors might agree on the conclusion that your dog is jumping simply because it’s a bad dog and loves to irritate them. But the fact is that jumping is natural and instinctive behavior of them.

Your dogs jump for the similar reasons you shake your friends hand or hug them. It is their method of saying “hi”. Most of the dogs adore attention, and the best way to get attention of you and Read more

Tips to Putting a Dog to Sleep With Love and Feeling

October 17, 2007 | Leave a Comment

The question of putting a dog to sleep or euthanasia whether for man or beast is a highly sensitive individual specific issue. On the one side there is non-interference with the workings of Nature but on the other if that were to hold true perhaps we would still be living in caves. Is it right to do away with the dog that is decrepit, old and no longer a bouncing ball of joy? The decision is entirely yours.

Once having taken the decision of putting dog to sleep simultaneously arrange about its home/cemetery burial or cremation. If you feel that the last hours of the dog will be stressed in an impersonal clinic, make arrangements for it to be done at home.

Putting your dog to sleep involves intravenously administering of an overdose of anesthetic (sodium pentobarbital) of purple or blue colour. This painless method has led to the phrase of – ‘putting the dog to sleep’. It works instantly. The colour has been added for Read more

Children and Dogs - Is It Okay To Throw Them Together?

October 15, 2007 | Leave a Comment

photo courtesy of Foreversoulskids and dog relationships
Stories of children and dogs not being compatible are not rare; yet, parents continue to choose to bring pet dogs into their homes, without thinking of the possible harmful consequences. However, the majority of families who have a dog, will fortunately never have to face some of the terrible situations one hears about.

Dogs are loving towards people, and most of them love children. Children, too, love dogs, and it is unlikely that the bond that has been forged for thousands of years between dogs and humans will be broken.

The important issue here is to create the safest possible environment for your kids and dogs, so that there won’t be any undue need to worry about unexpected happenings. Read more

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